The Shiva Syndrome Trilogy

More than a scientist, more than the offspring of a Mohawk–African American marriage–and far more than human, Beau Walker holds the key to human evolution…and its annihilation. A disgraced researcher, Walker is snatched by the military and forced to join a U.S./Russian scientific team, searching for the cause of the disaster. Beginning with a terrifying descent into the mile-deep Russian crater where he finds an American astronaut’s arm, he is hurled into the worlds of advanced biotechnology, biowarfare, paranormal research, and military intrigue.
The stakes are unimaginable: Find and control the cause of the events or face planet-wide obliteration.
Dr. Stanley Krippner, internationally known parapsychologist, writes: 
5.0 out of 5 stars
A remarkable book!
After a Russian mind-research project opens a black hole in a Moscow suburb, researcher Beau Walker is coerced into joining the ensuing investigation. He soon realizes that anomalies worldwide–including the loss of an American space shuttle and a bizarre personal experience–coincided with the Podol’sk singularity. As events escalate, Walker embarks on an epic journey to come to terms with his personal demons, even as he struggles to save humanity from itself.

In The SHIVA Syndrome Trilogy (by Alan Joshua), the author (a clinical psychologist) skillfully and ingeniously interweaves altered states of consciousness and parapsychology with genetics, paleontology, mythology, and religion to produce a frightening, brisk, and film-worthy story building to an intense climax. The story challenges conventional notions of reality, ultimately concluding that human consciousness extends well beyond the flesh–and offers enormous potential for both creation and destruction.
Feb 27, 2019 Sherry rated it it was amazing
The Shiva Syndrome Trilogy is destined to become a sci-fi classic. The excitement never lets up and it would take years to fact check all of the information it contains. The scope of the story reveals a lifetime of research and deep thought. It spans almost every hard scientific field and delves into psychology, anthropology, religion and the paranormal. Alan Joshua’s rich and grounded imagination manages to connect all of these seemingly disparate systems into a thought provoking unity of human experience. The writing is totally engaging and the sustained intensity makes it hard to put down, except to catch your breath.
KIRKUS REVIEW: “Deft dialogue, crisp plotting, and a likable central figure make this multidisciplinary scientific adventure an exuberant and involving read.”

PORTLAND BOOK REVIEW: “Having the right amount of adventure and romance, this crisscrossing genre tale isn’t just a good read, but may also look great on a big screen.”

MIDWEST BOOK REVIEW: “Highly recommended, indeed; especially for thriller and sci-fi readers who have become deluged with too much predictability and who seek cutting-edge action, believable protagonists, and action that is solidly intense throughout.”

IND’TALE MAGAZINE: “a riveting, page-turner, right from the start!”

PHENOMENA MAGAZINE: “Well plotted and written, this is an absolute thrill ride of a book that is almost impossible to put down: it might also cause the reader to wonder what really does go on (MK-Ultra for example) in some of the secret government laboratories dotted around the world.”

Amazon and Goodreads Readers:
“The Shiva Syndrome is in the top 10 books of the best sci-fi/fantasy books I have read in over 40 years and I read over 200 books a year!”

“Let’s get straight to the point: The SHIVA Syndrome Trilogy is one of the best-written stories I’ve read in years.”

“I would recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a science fiction journey that is so well researched that it truly could be happening right now! This was one book that caused me to rethink what happens behind closed doors.”


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