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Reader Views: Sheri Hoyte

Mythology, spirituality, science, politics, genetics, mind-control, military action, paranormal human activity -there is so much going on in this book! I was absolutely captivated from beginning to end, and by captivated, I mean held hostage, as my life was literally put on hold until I finished reading.


Burt Grimes calls Beau Walker a telepath, empath, or psychopath?
To find the answer, visit the Excerpt page, then send answer to and specify your e-format.
Hint: See Chapter 1, but don’t miss the Prologue)


A professor and parapsychology researcher discovers a key to mankind’s evolution or destruction. Beau Walker is a man without a field… In the Russian city of Podol’sk, a project partially based on Walker’s work has gone horribly awry, killing thousands and leaving traces of mysteries that threaten humanity’s scientific understanding. Discovering what occurred, and how to prevent it from happening again, falls on Walker and his new friends… But as secrets and revelations accumulate, the team’s combined knowledge and abilities may be inadequate to stop what’s coming…An exuberant and involving read.


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    • Thank you Ruth.
      Why not enter the giveaway here?
      Send in your email and e-format. I’ll be sending The SHIVA Syndrome to random winners.
      Check the review of Amazon and Goodreads.


  1. Hi Alan, your book sounds interesting, I haven’t read sci-fi before, not sure I would enjoy it as I am not a fan outside of reading. But I am intrigued by what I have read and your cover is pretty cool. Thanks for being apart of this giveaway, I love these hops as it allows to meet new authors and new genre.


  2. Your new to me but it looks like you keep busy between your books and the contest your involved in. I appreciate all you and the other authors do for your fans and for us who are just getting to know your work. I look forward to reading what you wrote. I haven’t read sci-fi yet so I’m not sure if I will like it or not but I’m going to give it a try. Thank you again for all you do for us.


    • Tammie,
      You’re right. I do keep busy, but I have a psychology practice as well.
      Thanks for your appreciation. It helps the solitude of writing.
      I also look forward to your reading. Although you said “I haven’t read sci-fi yet,” this is the reaction of a Goodreads reader: Edith Jones rated it 5 stars. “I am not a science fiction reader, but I love mysteries and thrillers. The Shiva Syndrome kept my attention from beginning to end. The mystery element is very well done and I could not wait to see where the story went next. As much a mystery as science fiction, the story never slowed down; and even though it’s a big book, I read it in a little over a day. Admittedly, I’m a fast reader.”
      SHIVA is not pure sci-fi…and not a fast, superficial beach read. Some readers “get” the whole picture; some only parts. It will depend on what you give it.
      Feel free to contact me if you get bogged down.


    • Hello Kristina,
      Please do read SHIVA. That is, if you’re a sci-fi/paranormal/thriller fan.
      If you see some of the reviews, it’s not a beach read. Be prepared to think and question.
      Happy St. Pat’s to you as well. This is the day when everyone’s an Irishman.


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