The SHIVA Syndrome Trilogy:

ON SALE AT AMAZON FOR LIMITED TIME AT $2.99 reported, “Presently, the Office of Naval Research calls this program Anomalous Mental Cognition,” Jacobsen says, referring to a $3.9 million program founded by the ONR in 2014 to investigate the existence of precognition — which they refer to as “a spidey sense.”
Based on my paranormal research and integrating other studies, I created a reality-based sci-fi novel–The SHIVA Syndrome Trilogy–involving the military’s research into the enhancement and use of psi abilities. As seen above, this research continues to this day and is fraught both with dangers and enormous positive potential–depending on its use.
One gets the feeling from the subjects mentioned in the book, shamanism, The Stargate Project, the frequently strange goings on at Ft Meade, Jim Channon’s First Earth Battalion, hemi-synch technology and experiments at the outer edges of consciousness, that this might also be a handbook describing what could actually happen should science and technology succeed in expending the limits of what is possible in terms of consciousness and how this might intersect with our perceived ideas about reality…Anyone who has seen the film ‘Lucy’ will get the idea, but more so. Well plotted and written, this is an absolute thrill ride of a book that is almost impossible to put down: it might also cause the reader to wonder what really does go on (MK-Ultra for example) in some of the secret government laboratories dotted around the world.”
Stanley Krippner, internationally known parapsychologist, wrote, “In The SHIVA Syndrome Trilogy , the author (a clinical psychologist) skillfully and ingeniously interweaves altered states of consciousness and parapsychology with genetics, paleontology, mythology, and religion to produce a frightening, brisk, and film-worthy story building to an intense climax. The story challenges conventional notions of reality, ultimately concluding that human consciousness extends well beyond the flesh–and offers enormous potential for both creation and destruction.”
Dr. Jeffrey Mishlove, Moderator of Thinking Allowed, said, “I’m enjoying it immensely. I find the treatment of parapsychology (and other sciences) to be sophisticated and sufficiently plausible to make for very good reading. The arguments on philosophical topics are also stimulating.
Respected review organizations have written the following:
  • Kirkus Review “Deft dialogue, crisp plotting, and a likable central figure make this multidisciplinary scientific adventure an exuberant and involving read.”
  • New Consciousness Review “A thrilling read”
  • Portland Book Review “Having the right amount of adventure and romance, this crisscrossing genre tale isn’t just a good read, but may also look great on a big screen.”
  • Self-Publishing Review “Any attempt to describe the book in a single statement is difficult, but the book mixes uncommon palettes and manages a masterpiece with it. If The Andromeda Strain was analyzed in four dimensions, The SHIVA Syndrome might be the result…The book mixes uncommon palettes and manages a masterpiece with it. It is a surprising, suspenseful, and utterly superb read from start to end.”
  • Midwest Book Review “…highly recommended, indeed; especially for thriller and sci-fi readers who have become deluged with too much predictability and who seek cutting-edge action, believable protagonists, and action that is solidly intense throughout.”
  • San Francisco Book Review “Science fiction fans will love The SHIVA Syndrome. Fans of paranormal fiction, psychological thriller, philosophy and fantasy will love it, too.”

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