The SHIVA Syndrome Trilogy: Goodreads Reviews


Nov 14, 2017 Peggy rated 5 stars it was amazing  
Wow, just really impressed with this book and how intrigued I was with reading it. I actually felt like I need more of this book. The author skills and ability to produce a book of this nature is amazing! Stepping out of my comfort zone once again just to come across a book this fantastic!
Amber Hawke

Oct 29, 2017 Amber Hawke rated it 5 stars it was amazing 
Dr. Beau Walker was an embittered loner, with a rather boring life until he suddenly finds himself kidnapped by the government and forced into joining a U.S./Russian scientific team. While on the team Beau searches for the cause of disasters that have no clear cause. I found myself enjoying this book due to its novelty and uniqueness. I loved that it did not have a predictable story line and that it was not based off of a different book, movie, or TV show. Instead it was clearly something new. I loved how it kept my interested and pulled me from one page to the next. I felt like I just could not stop reading! 
Happy Booker

Oct 08, 2017 Happy Booker rated it  4 stars really liked it 
The Mind of Stefan Dürr is a Sci-Fi Thriller, and it’s the first book of the SHIVA Syndrome trilogy. An experiment studying the human’s mind goes wrong, and suddenly strange things begin to happen in Canada, USA, and Russia.

Dr. Beau is recruited to search on whats going on, and that’s when the adventure begins. In a world where unimaginable high advanced technologies are waiting to be explored, Dr. Beau has to find the cause or else there won’t be much to live for.

The storyline has a mixture of science fiction and spirituality. This multidimensional story is far from over as you begin understanding the concept of its strong world setting. The author leaves nothing to question or doubt supplying a very in-depth and thoughtful plot.

The entire story is thrilling to read and satisfying to a person who really appreciates good literature and Sci-fi stories. I recommend this book to people that like to read stories where the human mind creates realistic outcomes in the world. 

J.D. Dehart

Sep 05, 2017 J.D. Dehart rated it 5 stars it was amazing
This book was a little more on the horror side than I usually read, but I found it to be very engaging. Alan Joshua writes in a clear way that cuts to the chase and delivers an interesting story. If constructing a metaphor, I would call this a furnace of creativity, with a story that keeps burning throughout. I stayed up late to finish it.

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