After hours of exploring possible past lives, I decided to “push the envelope.” Mary, now easily slipping into a deep hypnotic state, was guided to move further into the past. Moments of my encouragement were punctuated by periods of silent waiting as she adjusted to her ever-deepening state of consciousness.

Then, to my surprise, Mary said, “Whoops! I’ve gone too far around the circle. I’m in the future!”

What circle? The future? What could she mean?

Following her pronouncement and making the situation even more provocative and anxious,  Mary would (or could) not speak. She continued to show signs of being deeply entranced, but she didn’t reply to my questions.

I considered what I might do, then asked if she could write. Eyes closed, she nodded.

But what could I ask? Heart pounding, Mary and I were in unexplored territory. Then it occurred to me: Her name. She’d demonstrated other, possibly past personalities. Now, unbidden, she was about to reveal a possible future personage.

I placed paper on her chest and a pencil in her hand. “Would you write your name,” I asked.

Unfamiliar with the change in communication, she gripped the pencil and, without looking, wrote Rishah Shaelum.

Later, I looked up the name. She didn’t have enough time to process it, so I was very interested in seeing if it bore any relationship to past or present names.

There it was. In Strong’s Concordance, Rishah (the original word in Hebrew was רִאשֹׁת) meant beginning time, early time. It was a feminine noun phonetically spelled ree-shaw’ and derived from rosh, or head.

But Mary was an Italian and a Roman Catholic. Where could she have come up a Hebrew name?

I still had to investigate Shaelum.

I’m in the future!

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