NEANDERTHAL+HUMANS=COSMIC APES? WIN 1 of 20 copies of The SHIVA Syndrome Trilogy


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The Shiva Syndrome Trilogy by Alan Joshua. 

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Neanderthals bred with modern humans, passing on their genes. Did they endow us with psychic abilities and provide a doorway into other dimensions? 
Their brains were larger than ours. They thought in symbols and made and used tools–a million years ago! They bred with modern humans, passing on their genes in modern DNA. But did Neanderthals also endow us with psychic abilities and provide a doorway into other dimensions?
SHIVA takes you on an exciting adventure into this possibility— if it is just a possibility.
An experiment goes horrifically wrong in a secret Russian laboratory. A black hole vaporizes Podol’sk, leaving a mile-deep crater and snuffing out thousands of lives. Simultaneously, a U.S. shuttle vanishes in orbit and a French astronomer spontaneously bursts into flame. 
What do these events have in common? The mind of Stefan Dürr, the mysterious subject of the experiment.
Beau Walker, a disgraced researcher, is snatched by the government and coerced to join a U.S./Russian multidisciplinary scientific team, searching for the cause of the disasters. Beginning with a terrifying descent into the Russian crater where physical laws don’t apply, he’s thrown into a world of advanced biotechnology, biowarfare, paranormal research, and military intrigue.
The stakes are unimaginable: Find and control the cause of the events or face planet-wide obliteration.


5.0 out of 5 stars I hate to see this series end! My favorites sci-fi series!!! Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
The Interdimensional Nexus (The SHIVA Syndrome Trilogy, Book 3) by Alan Joshua is the fast and heart stopping third book. I didn’t want to see this end. I hope he adds another set to this. So much action, thrills, things wrapped up, and so much goes wide open in this exciting finish. I loved this series. Science, the power of thoughts, the brain, corruption vs goodness, who are we vs the universe, it is a deep book. LOVED it. Sci-fi at it’s finest! Must get!

Professor Beau Walker, a former government parapsychologist and now professional pariah gets strong-armed into a race to solve the ultimate mystery of the nature of reality, the outcome of which could either elevate mankind to unseen levels or obliterate it.

An enormous amount of research went into this story. It combines so many sciences I lost track, plus several religions, mythologies, and a diverse cast of unusual characters. The story spans the globe. At every turn things just get worse and the tension ratchets up. There is even an undercurrent of a romance, which adds depth to a pair of the characters.

The writing is good, the pace slow and steady as it built to the crescendo. I liked Walker, the main character, immediately and empathized with him, cheered him on, and cried for him.

This story is one you think about as you go along. It’s deep and interesting. Very well done.


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